3D Printers for Professionals

Proven track-record in additive manufacturing


Asiga MAX X

Asiga's highest resolution and definition for 3D printers at 27, 35 and 43 micrometers

Asiga PRO 4K

Asiga's latest technology gives you the access to high throughput production. Equipped with optimal accuracy, resolution and speed to meet industrial standards.

Asiga MAX UV

Exceptionally robust, reliable, versatile and advanced 3D printer with minimal footprint.


3D Printing Resins

The largest selection of high-quality 3D printing materials to fulfill your requirements




3D print materials for dental application

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3D print materials for audiology application

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3D print material for industrial application

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Holistic 3D printing experience and expertise

Complete solution for a safe and efficient digital workflow


Manufacturing industrial-grade electrical connector with Henkel Loctite & Asiga

Resistant against flame, smoke and toxicity. HDT of more than 300° C.

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Enabling cutting-edge research with 3D printing

What can the most up-to-date 3D printing technology offer to the research sector? We present the application case in the Microfludics research.

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Keyprint KeySplint Soft

Trusted by dental practitioners with the patients' safety and comfort in mind.

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3D-printed permanent crown

Saremco Print CROWNTEC - for permanent crown, inlays, onlays, veneers and artificial teeth.

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Medical Device Regulation (MDR) for 3D printed medical devices

MDR mandates more stringent safety and performance requirement. Are you ready?

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