Let's protect our healthcare heroes: 3D printed face shield

Let's protect our healthcare heroes: 3D printed face shield


The 3D printing industry has been collectively helping with the current Covid-19 global crisis. With the breakdown of supply chain in many sectors, the decentralized manufacturing with 3D printing emerges as a solution. This is evident particularly in solving the shortage of critical protective devices for the healthcare workers. 

The team in Asiga has openly shared their design for 3D printed face shield that can be printed on any 3D printers. On Asiga 3D printers, the shield can be printed in just 17 minutes using the fast printing mode. You can use biocompatible materials that are certified for prolonged skin contact in order to ensure the safety of the healthcare workers. In the case where non-biocompatible material is used, a foam must be applied at the contact area. Simply follow these easy steps for the full assembly of the face shield. 

We welcome you to join this collective effort! Please don't hesitate to contact us for further enquiries and assistance. 

Stay healthy and good luck!

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