Manufacturing industrial-grade electrical connector with Henkel Loctite & Asiga

Loctite 3D 3955 is a 3D printing resin with flame, smoke and toxicity resistance. With ground-breaking heat deflection temperature of higher than 300° C, the material also meets the safety standard UL 94V-0 and the industry leading aerospace 12 and 60 second vertical burn tests. The use cases for this material has been developed for the aerospace, automotive and transportation applications. 

In the most recent case, LithoLabs and ERNI worked together for the production of electrical connector prototype. These connectors would normally have to be made using the lengthy and costly injection molding process. 3D printing with Henkel Loctite 3955 FST resin on Asiga PRO 4K yielded high accuracy backshells for printed circuit boards. The workflow was also ensured to satisfy the industrial requirements for functionality, repeatability, reliability and safety. You can watch the summary of the process from this short video: